The high volume of cash, credit cards and many other payment methods that pass through a restaurant every day makes the A-BOARD system an essential tool. The A-BOARD system not only tracks every penny of sales, but also offers daily settlement which further helps member businesses in their daily cash flow. Customers expect seamless experiences when moving between channels and devices. The A-BOARD system combines the best of physical and digital environments.

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Data from A-BOARD systems enables businesses to improve customer experiences, communications, sales reporting, inventory management products and identify new revenue opportunities.

Providing encryption on A-BOARD systems and transmitting data via secure network devices and protocols can help restaurant businesses provide a cybersecurity strategy and comply with regulations.


A-BOARD simplifies communication between the kitchen, waiters and customers.

Another advantage of the A-BOARD system is that it can track everything from inventory to the most popular menu items. Along with the day-to-day running of a restaurant, the A-BOARD system can organize inventory, turnover, results and much more.