Global Impact

Advantages of implementing A-BOARD machines and printers:
1. Simplifies the process for owners to start or continue green initiatives.
2. It reduces operating costs.
3. Contributes to a positive future-oriented “corporate image”.

Global benefits


Today, restaurant owners no longer have to experience the pain of high cash investments in normal operations to reduce costs and unnecessary resources.

An environmentally friendly A-BOARD system enables the owner to minimize operating costs and carbon footprint while understanding the impact on the business. Our system not only provides sustainability, but also provides an environment where “Going Green” is not considered costly.

With efficient, productive and cost-effective requirements for a business, it is clear that more economical and intelligent operation is always in demand. To meet these needs, restaurant owners today are rapidly adopting more sustainable, “greener” technology. Greener IT can, among other things, provide higher profits, lower operational and financial risk, increased productivity and a better reputation.


Not all environmentally friendly solutions need to have large financial, time or human costs. To avoid all these major obstacles and still achieve reduced costs and run a more sustainable business, we now provide you with the A-BOARD system.
An environmentally friendly A-BOARD system solves these problems by significantly reducing paper and energy consumption, resulting in lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint for restaurant owners.

Paper use is receipt printers’ biggest negative impact on the environment in terms of waste generation. We have taken this into account in advance and developed ways to reduce the severity of the ecological impact:
1. Reduced top margin
2. Receipt compression

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