Introducing TFL Coins

The concept of TFL (Tree For Life) coins revolves around benefiting everyone by rewarding users based on their spending. The more you spend within the Tree For Life ecosystem, the more TFL coins you earn. These coins can then be used for various rewards, incentives, or contributions, promoting sustainability and positive environmental impact.

Concept Behind TFL Coins

Building a group focused on earning from each spend involves fostering patience for long-term profits and engaging in social services to create a sustainable and impactful community.

Promoting Savings and Patience

Promoting savings and patience involves encouraging individuals to prioritize saving money over spending impulsively and to cultivate patience in waiting for long-term benefits or rewards, fostering financial stability and resilience.

Incentivizing Social Services Through Coin Earnings

Encouraging people to engage in social services based on the number of coins they earn means that their participation not only benefits them personally but also contributes to social causes, creating a mutually beneficial cycle of reward and social impact within the community.

Connecting Everyone to the Tree Drive Platform

Creating a connection with everyone who joins the Tree Drive platform involves establishing a network that includes all users, fostering collaboration, communication, and participation to collectively contribute to environmental sustainability and community growth.

Earn Coins on Each Spend

Rewarding coins on each spend involves giving users a certain amount of virtual currency or points for every purchase they make within a specified platform or ecosystem, incentivizing continued engagement and loyalty.

The more you collect & save TFL coins the more benefits you will get!

Introducing our groundbreaking TFL coin system, which you can earn with every order or by referring Tree Drive app to your loved ones. These coins are convertible into valuable points. Accumulate TFL coins effortlessly with each order, and redeem them at Tree Drive platform for exclusive rewards. Join us today to unlock a world of perks and savings, all at your fingertips. For more info please visit


1) Login to your Account

To start redeeming TREE DRIVE COINS, first, log in to your TREE DRIVE account on our website or mobile app. If you don't have an account yet, sign up to access your coin balance and rewards.

2) Navigate TFL Tab

Locate the Tree For Life app icon on your device's home screen or in your app drawer. Tap on the app icon to open it and access the app's features and functionalities related to environmental initiatives and rewards.

3) Scroll for Redemption Scheme

Within the Tree For Life app, go to the "Redeem" or "Gift Cards" section. Select the gift card option you want and follow the prompts to complete the redemption process using your Tree Drive Coins.

How to use your Gift Cards

TFL Cards can be used to access discounts, special offers, and rewards at various partner establishments, enhancing the overall shopping and dining experience for users across the Tree Drive platform.

Use of Coins

You can buy Gift Cards by using coins collected for whole information about coins collection is updated in your profile for this you to log in

Unlock Happiness With Tree For Life(TFL) Gift Cards From Tree Drive!

These gift cards are specially made for your loved ones, and are more than just gifts – that are an experience. Pre-loaded with your chosen amount, TFL Gift Cards give you the flexibility to enjoy delicious meals through Tree Drive platforms or at exclusive member restaurants. Elevate your gifting process and spread joy with TFL gift cards today!